Freitag, 26. Dezember 2014

U.S. Marines for Iwo Jima

A friend of mine and I decided to begin a little infantry army for Bolt Action. We choose the Pacific, especially Iwo Jima for our battlefield. So I will command the United States and he will lead the japanese.

Here are my first builds out of the standard infantry box. I like to report that I am surprised of the details on the miniatures. Also the possibility to give them a personal touch in each pose made me happy ;).

For the BAR teams I have chosen medium bases from Flames of War because they fitted perfectly. Ok, they are no round bases but the base is not important for the rules and you may build some nice diorama for these guys ;). 

The stones are taken of planting material for indoor plants and where placed with white glue. 

After priminig they look like this. 

Finally I searched for some painting tutorials but did not find a really perfect guide so I tried my first miniature and I am not perfectly satisfied. I will get some better fitting color for the green camouflage on the backpack but the rest is nice in my opinion. 

I washed the base with Army Painters Strong Tone and drybrushed it with Vallejo Model Color Iraqui Sand afterwards and that looks really good. 

Soon I will publish a complete guide where I like to tell you which paints I use for each stuff. I think it is a fast method. Except the camo which is the only great time consuming part. 
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